About The Website

The website is focusing on app startups, my stories as a solopreneur, my opinions about related topics and projects I am working on.

Open for partnership and funding.

About Me

Aim to massively change collective behavior of smartphone users, improve energy consumption,

live a greener and more harmonious way with this planet – via but not limited to apps.

About You

Have you ever participated in a beach cleanup? If you can pick up the trash so can you change the world.

It is just a matter of how big an impact you can make. If you really want to achieve it, you know you can.

About Us

Colors, races, religion… maybe there are so many differences among us, now it is time to ignore all those and work together.

It is the historic moment to fight for our survival.

About The World

With limited food and space, mice in a cage go crazy as the population goes up. The world and people of this generation are just like how it described in the famous Mouse Utopia Experiment.

Wildfires, tsunami, famine, epidemics… we can lower the impact as long as we work together but not fight instead.

About Our Future

In this generation, we could move to another planet, we could figure out the earth is not the only planet with life forms.

And maybe, we could not solve some major issues that matter the future of mankind and the environment.

No matter how our future would be, a crisis could always be a turnaround.

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world of chaos, we can still make things better.

Our mission is to connect startups to increase the chance of survival for their first 5 years.

We do that by creating the platform and providing necessary programs.

We believe, with smart alliance, we could minimize the cost of trial and error.

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