Just do it – is it just right?

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“Just do it” what does it mean by that?

As the most famous slogan of the world well-known Nike company spread all over the world, we smelt the smell of sweat when we heard it. We took it for granted as the fame of Nike skyrocketed.

“Just do it,” as actions speak louder than words and we need to prove ourselves.

”Just do it” with two different outcomes

Those who believe in “just do it” and achieve success might not understand that “just do it” doesn’t work for all of us.

If you have thought time and time again, “just do it” would be a great idea to examine your theories in a short period of time by trial and error.

But if you have not thought it through, it might tumble you. The sort of “just do it” is like a father throws his son into a swimming pool and tells his boy “just swim” and expects him to figure out how to swim for his very first time. The following cases might happen: 

1.his son does learns how to swim by himself (it is like a successful startup or investment for its first time)

2.his son is drowned (his dad will save him of course but it wouldn’t be so lucky if it’s a startup or investment –  it would lose everything)

3.his son struggles but he learns to swim anyway (it means losing a lot of money for a startup or a investor but he or she survives anyway)

So if someone tells you to “just do it” next time, you can imagine yourself being thrown into an imaginary swimming pool, forced to learn how to handle some situation as fast as you could.

The one who encourages you to do something by saying that, however, is usually out of his or her good will. So what really matters might be you asking yourself: 

“Am I ready for this?”

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