Would Mouse Utopia Experiment become reality in human society?

Photo: CC0 License

In this experiment, John B. Calhoun built an habitat with limited food and space for mice to observe population density and its effects on animal behavior. In the final stage of the experiment, mice in the increasingly crowded habitat started to act abnormally: no more mating, killing infant rats, attacking one another and so on. The social breakdown eventually lead to the population declined toward extinction.

Results of this experiment have been widely used to explain disordered phenomenons of human society and have inspired further study. What happened in Mouse Utopia Experiment might not happen in human society. Yet we don’t have much time to undo the massive destruction we have done to the environment. Nations and international organizations are working together on the vital issue we confront. Our fate could be decided by ourselves, let us focus on this issue and prevent it from getting worse.

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