The new harmony between human and robots in the 21st century

Updated 2020.07.23

We have been using machines as tools to save time and efforts for tens of hundreds of years. Not until decades ago does it becomes a solid concern: would intelligent robots surpass and endanger human beings as dominant species?

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AI and robots

If a soul and a body complete a person, then similarly, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machines complete robots. We could not foresee if the maturity of AI and intelligent robot industries could benefit human beings. Some most intellectual entrepreneurs in the world such as Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg do not reach a common conclusion about this issue as well.

Billionaires Jack Ma and Elon Musk debate in Shanghai

Think it simply

What makes the foreseeing of whether AI could be beneficial or harmful so difficult? Maybe it is because we are too much focusing on AI itself. AI could apply in quite a lot of fields thus makes the issue complicated. To predict with limited knowledge and data, we could observe both fields by focusing on ones AI has already been widely applied, which means ‘intelligent robots’ in this article. The long existing and progressive semi-robotic human beings among it could be a good example.

AI and semi-robotic human beings

Semi-robotic human beings, I call them ‘SR type,’ are people you see everyday, everywhere. The most common example is prosthesis while Neuralink is another trendy one (Elon Musk says Neuralink will stream music straight into your brain). SR type are workers lost their hands, people have pacemakers in their bodies or those with hearing aids, etc. Machines that SR type wears are not commonly equipped with AI nowadays, but in the near future we are sure that SR type could benefit from the thrive of AI industry, and vice versa.

Semi-robotic human beings are people you see everyday, everywhere

‘New’ human beings

AI and intelligent robots would not endanger the existence of human race as we could already foresee its most obvious and current application – intelligent robots – is possible to ‘evolve’ together with us. But how? Some of them, the SR type for example, is already among us just long ignored.

We could foresee that the SR type and FR type would eventually become the dominant types due to the advantages of SR type in both customization and compatibility with human bodies; and the capability of mass production of FR type. We human beings would sooner or later get used to replacing our body parts with machines, just like we are getting used to cosmetic surgery nowadays. The possible risks of human extinction caused by intelligent robot technology is that FR type takes place all other types or SR type eventually replacing themselves with machine parts entirely.

I conclude the mainstream of future ‘human’ types into five categories: NB type, GM type, SR type, SRGM type and FR type. But strictly speaking, FR type are not human beings even if we could not distinguish them from real humans.

A new ‘harmony’ could be reached

We will not be ruled by AI or intelligent robots as we are becoming them: robotic arms, robotic hearts or even robotic brains, there is literally nothing could not be transplanted. We can foresee human ‘evolving’ into the next level of life form.

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