The new harmony between human and robots in the 21st century

If a soul and a body complete a person, then similarly, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machines complete robots. We could not foresee if the maturity of AI and intelligent robot industries could benefit human beings. Some most intellectual entrepreneurs in the world such as Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg do not reach a common conclusion about this issue as well.

Suggestions for first-time startup founders to get rid of embarrassing situation of having no capital and no team

Among the key factors for becoming a successful startup, capital and team are factors that affect each other: with sufficient capital you are more capable of building a good team; with a good team it is a lot easier to attract more capital.

But, how do we find capital or a good team after all? Once in a meeting with Mask Wu, the founder of Eatgether, I finally found the answer that troubles me for a quite long time. Capital and a good team are essential factors for startups, but not the most important factor in the early process. A good and viable product or service can earn startup founders necessary capital and a decent team they need in their early startup process.

Would Mouse Utopia Experiment become reality in human society?

In this experiment, John B. Calhoun built an habitat with limited food and space for mice to observe population density and its effects on animal behavior. In the final stage of the experiment, mice in the increasingly crowded habitat started to act abnormally: no more mating, killing infant rats, attacking one another and so on. The social breakdown eventually lead to the population declined toward extinction.

Just do it – is it just right?

“Just do it,” what does it mean by that?

As the most famous slogan of the world well-known Nike company spread all over the world, we smelt the smell of sweat when we heard it. We took it for granted as the fame of Nike skyrocketed.